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the brief

Successful intranet sites assemble useful information, organise it into logical systems
and deliver the information in an efficient manner. Without reasonable, consistent
design standards the average intranet user suffers confusion, lost productivity and lost
opportunity to fully benefit from the promise of intranet technologies.

"Without a clear set of design standards your local intranet will continue to evolve as a
patchy, confusing set of pages some well-designed, some disastrous, and all just parts
of a dysfunctional system"
-- Yale Style Manual (

The following things should be implemented:

  • A redesign to give a more corporate feel and increase usability
  • Intuitive navigation
  • Comprehensive site map
  • Guidelines on publishing to the Intranet
  • There should be a html version of all documents for people to view easily. Links
    to other formats (Word, Excel, pdf etc should have their format type and KB size
    written next to them)
  • An archive area should be set up for out-of-date or old material

the design

  • The original site had been created using frames and was difficult to maintain
  • It was also very out of date
  • Completely redesigned and implemented according to details gathered from a
    company-wide questionnaire
  • Easy to use site-wide navigation and a consistent corporate look-and-feel

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