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creating a web site

creating a web site is a web site I created to provide a resource for people wanting
to know about all aspects of web design. It is a step-by-step guide to creating a web
site, from registering a domain name, HTML, style sheets, usability, design principles,
creating graphics, using dreamweaver and submitting to search engines. This guide
provides all the steps needed to undertake to set up a web site. It's aimed at the
non-technical person, who wants to learn how to do all the basics, and perhaps more.

It was redesigned in October 2001 to improve the organization of the content,
navigation and increase usability, while providing a more professional looking
design. It has grown rapidly in terms of the amount of information and the volume
of unique visitors per day.

Visit the web site --

Design June 2003

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Design January 2002

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Designed October 2001

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Designed December 2000