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Macromedia Dreamweaver ( is one of the most popular wysiwyg editors. Dreamweaver enables you to create a web site with little html knowledge, but allows you to edit the source code. Additional features of Dreamweaver include templates to make global changes easily and quickly and JavaScript behaviours, to enable you to create rollover graphics without needing to know how to code scripts.

why use dreamweaver?

  • Templates allow you to easily update the style of the whole site
  • Different templates can be applied to different areas of the web site to ensure consistency within sections (color, style etc)
  • The templates ensure that some areas (such as the top navigation) which don't need to change can't be edited accidentally
  • The templates can contain all the information needed for the page (which style sheet is attached, which side navigation is used etc)
  • For large web sites, where several people work on the pages, content owners can edit pages without danger of someone writing over a page they're working on
    • Dreamweaver shows everybody which users have which files checked out

The main benefit to using Dreamweaver is that you can manage your site easily. For example, if you change the name of a folder or file, Dreamweaver scans the site to update any links to the re-named file.