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getting started with dreamweaver

creating a new site

  1. Start Dreamweaver
  2. In the toolbar menu at the top go to Site > Define Sites
  3. Click "New"
  4. Click on "Local Info" on the left hand pane
    • In "Site Name" type "Your web site's name "
    • In "Local Root Folder" click on the yellow folder icon to browse for the folder containing your local web site files. Create a new folder if necessary.
    • Under "HTTP Address", type ""
    • Check the cache "Enable Cache" box
  5. Click on "Remote Info" on the left hand pane
    • Under "Access", choose "FTP"
    • Under "FTP Host", type "the ftp host details from your hosting provider"
    • Leave "Host Directory" blank, unless you have been given one
    • Enter the details you were given by your hosting provider under login/password
    • Check the "Save" box
    • Check the "Passive FTP" box
    • Under "Check In/Out", check "Enable Check In and Check Out" and "Check Out Files when Opening"
    • Enter your details under "Check Out Name" and "Email Address"
  6. Click OK
  7. Your site structure should be viewable now

n.b.: If you do not have ftp details, just leave Access as none. You don't need to check in/check out files if it's just you working on the site.

connect to your web site

  1. While in the "Site" view, click the icon of two plugs (highlighted in pink below):
  2. This will connect you to your web site

Connect to Dreamweaver

to create a new page

  • Go to File > New Window
  • Use the Properties (Window > Properties) floating palette to select the format of the text, add bullet points and numbered lists
  • To link a word or phrase, highlight the section you wish to link (use the mouse to select it)
    • To link to a page within your site, click the folder icon to the right of the box called "link" and browse for the file
    • To link to a web page not within your site, type the full web site address in the "Link" box (including the http://)
  • To include images, go to "Insert > Image"
  • To include tables go to "Insert > Table"
  • To edit the html source, click on the <> icon in the very bottom right of Dreamweaver's interface

Dreamweaver Properties

Dreamweaver Properties

In the Properties floating palette -- do not change the font from "Default Font", or use any of the size or color attributes. Also, avoid using the background color (Bg) and border (Brdr) color attributes on tables. This is because all attributes dealing with appearance should be in the style sheet.

If all your pages are going to have the same design, the best idea is to create a template. How to create a template is detailed in the next section.