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using the liquify tool

The liquify tool in Photoshop produces fairly natural results. This tool is especially effective for creating distorted or exaggerated features to photographs for a realistic feel.

Open the image you want to apply the liquify tool to.

Go to Image > Liquify:


Use the bloat tool to increase the size of elements:

Bloat tool

In this example the seeds of the tomato have been bloated to exaggerate their size:

Tomato bloated

Experiment with other images, this effect can be especially effective for creating cartoon like features on photographs of people.

The other tools inside the liquify tool produce equally good effects:

Bloat tool Allows you to expand areas of an image. Pucker tool Allows you to shrink areas of an image.
Bloat tool Allows you to twist pixels in a clockwise direction. Twirl counterclockwise Allows you to twist pixels in a counter clockwise direction.