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There are many companies that provide a good service for site hosting, however, many charge extortionate rates for this service or limitations in the size (in KB or MB) or volume of traffic.

  • Shop around to find a company that provides the service you require
    • Many companies will charge different rates according to the size of the web site etc
  • Once you have your domain name and a site hosting account, you need to let your domain name provider know your IP address (or DNS server) from your hosting company
  • Then you need to let your hosting company know your domain name
  • This is so all parties know which IP address the domain name should point to
  • After up to 72 hours, the DNS servers around the world will have been updated
  • When you type in your web site address into a browser, your hosted files will be visible

The company uses is (, who "aims to offer the best web hosting solutions at the lowest possible costs". They provide good value hosting, visitor stats and an easy to use web interface. We also use CubeSoft Network (, who are probably best for the experienced web publisher. A beginner may be more comfortable with a provider who has a simple web control panel to enable you to configure your hosting account with ease, such as Perhaps you would prefer to find one in your own country, so you can be sure support will be provided in your language.

Now you're all set to get started on your web site, but first read about usability - the most important aspect of web design.