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These can be purchased from most large bookshops, or bought on-line. The links go to the appropriate page on the or web site. is a member of the Associates Program., the leading selling program on the Internet, with over 500,000 members.

web design

Creating Killer Web Sites, Second Edition - David Siegel
This book tackles web design from the opposite angle to Nielsen, and shows examples of HTML tricks and bypasses to producing the design you want. This book should be read with caution, as the author himself agrees. Otherwise, this is a good design reference.

Web by Design : The Complete Guide - Molly Holzschlag
Has thorough sections on designing for the screen, web page layout, colour and graphics, typography and multimedia.


HTML: The Complete Reference (Second Edition) - Thomas A Powell
This really is a complete reference book, with step-by-step tutorials for beginners and enough advanced stuff to keep the more experienced happy. Includes in-depth references to HTML 4, CSS 1 & 2, DHTML and XML.


Cascading Style Sheets. The Definitive Guide -- Eric A. Meyer
This O'Reilly ( book is suitable for beginners through to experienced web designers/developers. It covers everything you need to know about css, including reference sheets for CSS1 and looking ahead to CSS2.


Mastering Photoshop 5.5 for the Web -- Matt Straznitskas
An indepth look at all the skills, techniques and technologies you need to design graphics for the web with Adobe's Photoshop. There is probably a newer version of this book aimed at Photoshop 6. I found earlier versions of this book very useful when I first started learning Photoshop.


Don't Make Me Think! -- Steve Krug
This book is for anyone who is involved in the web design process, from the marketing manager to the web developer to the CEO. It is consisely written (it took me an afternoon to read) has user-friendly chapters covering everything from how users scan web copy, writing for the web, navigation, home page design and usability testing. This book is perfect for anyone considering a site re-design, but hasn't got the time to read anything as detailed as Jakob Nielsen (see below).

Designing Web Usability: The Practice of Simplicity - Jakob Nielsen
I would recommend anyone thinking about designing or re-designing a web site to read this book first. Nielsen outlines all the essential dos and don'ts of usability issues. It's quite an extreme book, and should be read in conjunction with a "how-to" design book, such as David Siegel's (listed above).

Homepage Usability: 50 Websites Deconstructed -- Jakob Nielsen
A coffee table book looking at many well known web sites' home pages. Scores their sites on homepage usability, and gives pointers on how to score your own site. Simple, but effective. Great for beginners and experts may pick up the odd tip. Jakob's web site, has a study guide to go with the book that is useful to determine how your site's home page fares.


JavaScript. The Definitive Guide -- David Flanagan
This third edition book includes JavaScript 1.2 as supported by Netscape 4+ and Internet Explorer 4+. As always, a superb reference book from O'Reilly (

general reference

Web Design in a Nutshell -- Jennifer Niederst
Perfect for beginners. Everything you need to know about html, graphics etc for your first web site.

The Complete Website Upgrade & Maintenance Guide - Lisa Schmeiser
A good, solid reference book, with comprehensive sections on intelligent design, maximising HTML and DHTML, ensuring usability, accessability and quality, building a powerful back-end. It also comes with several useful appendices as well as a CD with demos of Adobe After Effects, Allaire Homesite, Apache server and HTML examples.

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