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top 25 search engines

AOL Search -
Results come from Open Directory and Inktomi

AllTheWeb -
Search Engine
Seems to place high priority on the meta description tag. If there is no meta description tag, it indexes the first text in the body of the document.

Altavista -
Both (directory from LookSmart)
Add url to search engine here -
Seems to place high priority on title and description meta tags.
Advice from Altavista -

Ask Jeeves -

DirectHit -
Its directory uses Open Directory.
Read more information about its search engine spider, Grabber:
Indexes every 30 days.

Euroseek -
Directory (Uses Open Directory)
Currently not accepting new submissions : "This service is unavailable until further notice. The crawler is still indexing and recrawling old sites. New sites will be added by following links."

Excite -
Both (directory from LookSmart)
Go/Infoseek -
Search Engine - now uses GoTo listings
Google -
Both (Uses Open Directory for its directory listings)
Places highest importance on the actual body text.
Information fo web masters:

GoTo -
Both - pay per click (powers Go/Infoseek)
Has a good search term suggestion tool on the submit page (
HotBot -
Both (Search engine powered by Inktomi, directory powered by Lycos)
Places high importance on the meta description tag.
Indexes within 60 days.

HotBot UK -
Places high importance on the meta description tag.
Submit here:

Infoseek/Go -
Search Engine - now uses GoTo listings

Inktomi --
Inktomi's index powers many leading search sites on the Web including AOL, MSN, iWon and HotBot.
Submit through a partner site - $30 for first url, $15 each url after that.

iWon -
Both. Powered by LookSmart, DirectHit and RealNames.
Lookseek -
Both. Very relevant results. Uses title, meta description and keywords to score relevance of results.
LookSmart -
Express submit $299 (site reviewed within 2 working days), basic submit $149 (site reviewed within 8 weeks) -
Both. Express submit £99. Site reviewed within 5 working days.

Lycos -
Both. Uses results from Open Directory, Fast (AllTheWeb) and DirectHit.
Can submit as many pages as you like, whenever content changes, but don't submit pages with similar content to each other.
Advice from Lycos on submitting to their index. -
Seems to place high importance on body content.
Submit to directory here:
Submit to index here:

MSN Search -
Both (directory from LookSmart)
NBCi -
Both - need to log in, but afterwards can use your user name and password to monitor/update site.
Submit to LiveDirectory for free, submit to TopSites for $99
Netscape Search -
Both (Uses Open Directory for its Directory listings)
Northern Light -
Search Engine
Title tag is important to listings, then the body content.
Open Directory -
Directory (free submission)
Raging Search -
Search Engine - part of Altavista, uses Altavista's database to index every word in every page!
WebTop -
Search Engine
WebCrawler -
Both. Part of Excite (uses LookSmart)
Yahoo -
Directory. Uses Google results for its web page listings (searches)

extra information

LookSmart - directory used on,,,,, and

Open Directory ( , supply,,,,,,, &

In addition, the listings won't necessarily come from one directory. Therefore, if your site is listed in the Open Directory, it won't automatically appear in all the above directories.