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  • Search Engines & Directories want to have the best sites listed
    • Increases the user experience
    • Gets them more sponsorship etc
  • They take a harsh line against spamming
    • Spamming: using "tricks" to try and get your site listed


  1. Use hidden keywords
    • Text the same colour as the background colour
  2. Use "doorway" pages to submit with
    • These are usually pages which contain nothing more than keywords and a link to your home page
  3. Use other company names in your meta tags / content of your site without permission
    • Considered spamming, and could get you sued by said company
  4. Use "popular" phrases in keywords (e.g. sex, porn, MP3, Britney Spears) to try and boost listing
  5. Submit to a search engine / directory too frequently
    • Leave 4-6 weeks between submissions
  6. Include hidden links to other sites to try and improve listing
    • Links to other sites don't help unless the referring site is very popular and preferably of the same genre as yours
    • Besides, you need good quality links to your site to improve your ranking
    • Hidden links will be considered spam anyway