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using site traffic stats

  • Which keywords people are searching for
    • Update your meta tag keywords / content keywords and links accordingly
  • Which search engines/directories are/are not putting traffic to the site
  • Click-through rate improves site listing
    • i.e. if your site is clicked on from a search engine listing
    • Also, how far into the site users go - i.e. how many clicks (may be measured)
  • Check site stats to see if/where users are clicking "Back" button - negative effect on listing
    • By seeing how long users stay on your site - search engines can "time" how quickly a visitor returns to their site from yours
    • Also, by seeing which pages are "single access pages" (i.e. the visitor arrives and exits from the same page, without visiting others)
  • Which sites have links to your site ("referring sites")
    • Value of these referring sites - more valuable if they themselves are popular and/or in same category as your site